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Green Mothers’ Club (2022) Korean Drama Season 1 All Episodes 1-16 Completed MP4 HD Free Download With English Subtitle

Green Mothers Club (2022): The ‘Green Mothers Club’ captures the friendship, motherhood, and growth of five mothers who met in the elementary community, each with a complex that they could not overcome.

It is a story that recounts the definition of a friend who meets naturally, communicates, and shares life, rather than organizational interests such as school or work.

Each person lives differently, but reminds him of the ‘beast realm’ (instinct) called motherhood, and makes him ponder the existence of a mother and a human being.

Green Mothers Club (2022)
Green Mothers Club (2022)

Original Network: Netflix; jTBC;

Director: Ra Ha Na [라하나]

Country: Korean

Status: Upcoming

Released: 2022

Genre: Drama; Friendship; Sismance;

Airs: Apr 06, 2022

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Green Mothers Club (2022) Cast
Green Mothers Club (2022) Cast

Green Mothers Club (2022) Cast

A highly educated mother from French studies who majored in aesthetics first, moves into their community and gets involved in all sorts of incidents.
The most powerful mother of popular in terms of beauty and information content.
A woman who has a handsome foreign husband with an innate elegance and a gifted son, creates a strange atmosphere as Lee Eun-pyo’s rival and best friend.
A mother who values ​​emotional connection with her child. “We must be in solidarity with a wise mother.
Lee Eun-pyo’s cousin is a scoundrel who does nothing for education, creating other tangled stories.


Eun Pyo’s family

  • Choi Jae-rim as Jung Jae-woong
Eun Pyo’s husband Police detectives Looks bland but sharp He has a knack for reading women’s minds. It’s unassuming and straightforward.
  • Jung Chi-yul as Jung Dong-seok
Eun Pyo and Jae Woong’s son, Eun-pyo just thinks Dong-seok is a talkative and curious child. Because he was busy with school and had never met another mother in kindergarten, he Neglecting to compare and understand the status of the same person.
  • TBA as Jung Dong-joo
The second son of Eunpyo and Jae Woong’s son.

Chun Hee’s family

An anesthesiologist and Byun Chun-hee’s husband, He had the arrogance to see everyone under his feet.
  • TBA as Kim Young-bin
Chun Hee and Joo-seok’s son.
  • Joo Ye-rin as Kim Yu-bin
The daughter of Chun Hee and Joo-seok, A young woman who is smart, lively and emotionally honest. If you didn’t get into the high class, even if your mom wouldn’t tell you to do it. You simply cannot stand by yourself.

Jinha family

  • Choi Gwang-rok as Louis Bunuel / Louis
Eun Pyo’s ex-boyfriend and Jinha’s current husband, Is a French citizen of Korean descent which is Jin Ha’s husband and currently works at the pharmaceutical company GM.
  • TBA as Henry Bunuel
The son of Jin Ha and Louis, Characteristics that cannot be considered Earthling, plus a language genius who speaks five languages.

Young-mi’s Family

  • Im Soo-hyung as Oh Geon-woo
Kim Young-mi’s husband and famous as a genius film director.
  • TBA as Chulpin
Son of Young-mi and Geon-woo,Children living with stepfather Geon-woo as their mother remarried. Chulpin is playful, can’t stay still and stir.
  • Jeon Yu-na as Saebeom
Young Mi and Geon-woo’s daughters,Children living with stepfather Geon-woo as their mother remarried. Saebeom, who has just entered puberty. Afraid of her stepfather’s fury and sensitivity. and resenting her assertive mother in pursuing only her ideals.
Green Mothers Club 2022
Green Mothers Club 2022

Yun Joo’s family

  • Yoon Gyung-ho as Lee Man-su
Park Yun-joo’s husband, a timid and passive office worker, is the only stigmatized person to watch TV with a beer after work
  • Park Ye-rin as Lee Soo-in
Yun-ju’s daughter, An 8-year-old elementary school student who grew up a little faster.

Other Green Mothers Club 2022 Cast

is a teacher at an elementary school located in Sangsu-dong with a fierce passion for education.
Someone who has both the wealth and power of the aristocracy. A mother who supports her child’s education immensely. and is the chairman of the University Foundation
  • Sung Byung-suk as Hyung-im
A strong mother who raised Eun-pyo with the utmost sincerity while working at the paint shop. Even so, he often felt sorry for his daughter Eun-pyo. which made Eun Pyo upset.
  • Park Jin-ah as Park Yoo-jin
Science teacher in a gifted school where children attend.
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