Ephphatha: The Mystery of Open Doors By Apostle Joshua Selman | Download Free Gospel Message 2023

Ephphatha: The Mystery of Open Doors

Ephphatha: The Mystery of Open Doors By Apostle Joshua Selman
Ephphatha_The Mystery of 0pen Doors By Apostle_Joshua Selman

“Ephphatha: The Mystery of Open Doors” is a phrase that comes from the Bible, specifically Mark 7:34, where Jesus spoke the Aramaic word to a deaf man, which means “Be opened”. The word “Ephphatha” has come to symbolize the power of God to open doors that were previously closed, to break through barriers and to bring about new opportunities and blessings.

The concept of “E.p.h.p.h.a.t.h.a” has been widely used in Christian circles to signify the power of faith and the ability of God to work miracles in people’s lives. The mystery of open doors refers to the ways in which God can open doors that were previously closed to us, whether they be physical, emotional, or spiritual.

Mystery of open doors can be seen as an invitation to trust in God’s plan for our lives and to have faith that He will provide the opportunities and blessings we need. It’s a reminder that we don’t need to rely solely on our own strength and abilities, but that we can place our trust in God to guide us and to open the right doors for us.

In a world full of challenges and obstacles, the mystery of open doors offers hope and encouragement to those who believe in the power of God’s love and grace. It reminds us that no matter what we may be facing, there is always a way forward, and that God is there to guide us every step of the way.

Mystery of Open Doors By Apostle Joshua Selman

In this sermon, Apostle Joshua – Selman expounds on the significance of doors and how they can either facilitate or hinder our movement and progress. He emphasizes that doors can represent events, people, or even spiritual entities, and that by default, all doors are closed until authorization is received.

Selman explains that closed doors can increase the value of a product or an opportunity, but they can also act as obstacles that prevent us from moving forward. He underscores the importance of seeking divine guidance to discern the doors that God has opened for us, and to trust that He will provide the authorization and resources we need to walk through them.

In summary, Apostle_Joshua_Selman’s “E.p.h.p.h.a.t.h.a: The Mystery of Open Doors” is an insightful sermon that encourages listeners to seek God’s guidance in recognizing and walking through the doors of opportunity that He has opened for them.

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